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TRAVERS – trademark of author's chemical production of wide spectre of use in the industry and human services.

Production is situated in the Moscow region (Staraya Kupavna), scince centre and trade company – in Moscow. Nowadays TRAVERS produces about 300 names of reagents with the volume over 3500 tons a year.

Production is certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001-2011. Quality control is carried out at the all stages of production. 

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One of the major directions of activity of the company - production of chemicals and introduction of technologies of water treatment for industrial needs in various enterprises.

Reagents for industrial water treatment are patented, produced by under the registered trademark AMINATтм.

Reagents AMINATтм are used to solve the following tasks:

  • stabilization and anti-corrosion treatment of water in systems of heating and hot water, in the circulating cooling systems and air conditioning;

  • correction of water-chemical regimes of heating systems, steam boilers of low and average pressure;

  • corrosion prevention of steam condensate ducts;

  • prevention of precipitation in reverse osmosis plants;

  • chemical cleaning of membrane elements from pollution;

  • regeneration of ion-exchange resins, working in conditions of high iron content;

  • washing on the go of drum and once-through steam boilers;

  • chemical cleaning of heat engineering and heat-exchange equipment;

  • fight against biological contamination.

Product line TRAVERS for industrial water treatment (AMINATтм) is constantly updated at the expense of developing its own research centre, including, for specific production tasks of the clients. Specialists of TRAVERS select the optimal technology for a specific production needs. 

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Working with TRAVERS, you get the best solutions for processes of water treatment! We invite to cooperation!

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TRAVERS is one of the leading manufacture of chemicals for textile industry. Our business covers research and investigation, chemical elaboration, manufactory and technological support of all our products.

Our products are manufactured to correspond customers demand. Our product portfolio is constantly expanded and includes detergents, wetting agents, stabilizers and complexon agents, softerners, antifoaming and antistatic agents, agents for finishing, special impregnations, lubricants and other textile auxiliaries. Our products provide effective results at the lowest concentrations.

Our chemicals for textile industry have a wide range of application: for the process of decoction, bleaching and dyeing of fabrics, acidification and neutralization, for the final trim and special surface treatments , wetting agents and detergents. We also supply chemicals for textile laboratories and water quality control. All products have necessary documentation.

We provide new clients with free samples for lab and production testing. Our specialists are always ready for technological support.

Our aim is to find the best and the most effective solutions for the problems as well to reach a good economical effect. Our decisions are integrated in the technological and business processes.

We deal our products in different package (volume from 20 l to 220 l) suitable for transporting and keeping. The package is made from advanced materials, and sustains product quality for a long time.

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TRAVERS produces a wide range of products for laundries, dry cleaning and aqua-cleaning as well as for professional cleaning (cleaning, cleaning and care of different surfaces).

Products for WASHING

- PLUS Series for washing intensification (alkaline, oxygen, chlorine, enzyme)

- Neutral and alkaline liquid detergents (VIK Series)

- Universal stain-removing agents

- Rinse-converter of residual alkalinity (TRATSKAN AK)

- Complexing agents (DIARIN and FIOLENT) for water softening, preventing scaling of equipment

All products are suitable for manual and automatic dosing.

Products for Aqua-cleaning

- Universal stain-removing agents (EM-32)

- Basic detergents for aqua-cleaning (including membrane tissues) VIK Series

- Shampoo for delicate items (VIK N silk)

- Silicone conditioners (TRATSKAN series)


- Universal amplifier and cleaning detergent for problem areas (VIK SUPER)

- Cleaner for dry cleaning machines (VIK SUPER Standard)

- Antistatic with a refreshing effect TRATSKAN APS

Products for Cleaning

- Neutral detergent for parquet and laminate washing (VIK NAFTA)

- Concentrated alkaline detergent for the daily and general cleaning (VIK NK Classic)

- Concentrated alkaline detergent to remove particularly persistent grease (MIKSAN SUPER)

- Concentrated acid for removing rust, lime, mortar residues (MIKSOL)

- Detergent for washing windows and mirrors, ready for use (VIK NK Crystal)

- Detergent for cleaning all water-resistant surfaces in sanitary facilities (VIK NK santechnic)

Detergents FOR CARPET cleaning

(Laundry, cleaning with extractor, production lines, removable carpets)

- Universal cleaning detergent for problem areas and stain-removing agent, washing detergent (EM-32)

- Universal stain-removing agent

- Bleach, detergent for refreshing color ( PLUS 2 Super)

- Foamy shampoo for carpets (VIK  NK foam)

- Odor absorber (acid rinse TRATSKAN PGL standard)

All of the products are certified and successfully compete with similar import products by the ratio of "price-quality."

Products of TRAVERS are sold through official trading company LLC "OTK". 

Our office

Moscow, Electrozavodskaya St., 24, p. 3
Administrative-business centre "Preobrazhensky"

Phone: +7 (495) 983-59-98

Our plant and store-houses

Moscow region, town Old Kupavna, Road St., 7

Phone: +7 (495) 702-96-68